Chris Gellert PT, CSCS

Before becoming a physical therapist, Chris worked in the Advertising industry. One day, suffering a back injury would change his life forever. After completing physical therapy, he knew he had to make a change, that change was to become a physical therapist. Focused and determined on this goal, he became a personal trainer, and completed all the requirements to become a physical therapist.

Prior to pursuing a career in physical therapy, Chris earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing from the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. Then in 1997, he started a new journey, and after two years of graduate work in Florida, he graduated in 1999 from Nova Southeastern University, with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Throughout the years, he developed a stronger passion and yearning for orthopedics. Working in industrial rehabilitation, outpatient, hospital and private practice settings, furthered his desire and passion. In 2011, he wanted to pursue advanced training and refine his skills. He went to the University of South Australia and completed an advanced master’s in orthopedics and sports physical therapy.

The one year program comprised of advanced assessment and treatment skills, sports injuries assessment & management techniques, and two courses in chronic pain, all based on EBP and clinical reasoning. A progressive program that’s core foundation is based on the Maitland Concept, that included the extensive works of Sahrman, Butler, Moseley, Diane Lee, Mulligan, Mark Jones, and many other experts.

Chris noticed a void in the personal training industry in quality, evidenced based information that has practical application. His vision was to create and provide evidenced based educational material in the form of home study courses, dynamic live seminars and other electronic media that educates personal trainers on key areas that most educational course/certifications are missing. In 2003, Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems was born.Since then, Synergy of Human Movement(C) has emerged as one of the only continuing education courses that examines how the body synergistically from the inside out, how the body works, moves and dysfunctions occur all based on science.

For the past 10 years, Chris has taught live seminars on Human Movement, writes articles, consults, and continues to develop dynamic courses for personal trainers, physical therapists and psychologists.

Chris continues to present at national fitness conferences such as Club Industry, ECA, IDEA, IRSHA, NSCA, SCW, TSI Summit as well as speak internationally. Chris is presently pursuing to become an orthopedic certified specialist(O.C.S.) and a certified manual therapist(C.O.M.T.).

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