Carmine Lamanna

Carmine Lamanna, B.B.A in Marketing Management

Carmine went to Pace University and has a B.B.A in Marketing Management.
He has had a successful career in the retail industry from Asst. Manager,
Store Manager, Buyer, and district manager in various retailers over the
years. In 2013, He was told that his lifestyle and diet needed to change
drastically. He quit smoking after 20 years. Carmine turned to fitness as a
result. He conquered his illness, surpassing all expectations. In 2015, He
decided to get his certification in personal training. He felt helping
others to achieve fitness and health goals would become his focus. He was
certified by Nasm at the end of 2015. In 2018, he received his
specialization from NASM in performance enhancement. At that time, he
interned for The Arena and was hired immediately after. At this point, he
was certified through Fit and Functional. He currently has clients who need
fitness, as he had, and recently has endeavored into special needs fitness.
Carmine’s ultimate goal is to help and work with as many people as
possible. Carmine now balances his retail career with training and couldn’t
be happier and more satisfied with his choices.