Nuvita Pro

Nuvita Pro Heart Rate Monitor

Nuvita Pro is the most advance cardio-fitness monitor on the market. It maximizes training and improves performance by tracking your progress to ensure your success. The Nuvita Pro creates a personalized conditioning program based on your assessed fitness level and training goals, and it puts it into an easy-to-use heart rate based program.

You will have a one-on-one session with a personal trainer to set your goals and establish the perfect cardio program based on your schedule. Your trainer will provide you with the right information and motivation every step of the way. Based upon your goals and busy schedule, your personal trainer will design the perfect cardio program.

Why is the Nuvita Pro Heart Rate Monitor better?

  • Nuvita Pro HR monitor is state of the art monitor which is more accurate than its competitors
  • Contains self-measuring VO2 max test technology evaluates your exact cardiovascular fitness – the truest method for determining athletic conditioning
  • Monitors and tracks your heart rate and activity during exercise to ensure you get the most from each cardio session
  • Provides individual conditioning training with a personalized individual fitness plan based on your fitness and goals.
    – You get to choose the activities you enjoy.
  • Keeps you connected to your trainer and allows for virtual personal training via a mobile app on your smartphone. Trainer can monitor your progress and offer motivation and support.
  • Allows for group competitions and challenges

Nuvita Pro Pricing

  • Nuvita Pro HR monitor – $100
  • 6 week biweekly virtual training sessions with a personal trainer (plus initial set up) – $60
  • 6 week biweekly virtual training sessions with a personal trainer (plus initial set up) with 1 30-minute core session a week – $300

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