Elbow Pain Can Be Linked to Posture

The cause of elbow pain, commonly called “tennis elbow,” is often difficult to diagnose because there are so many factors involved. In fact, only about 5% of cases of tennis elbow are caused by playing tennis.  Further, in 65% of the cases there is nothing wrong with the elbow at all.  Elbow pain can be caused by any activity with repetitive wrist motion, by continuous computer use, and by excessive lifting and carrying.  Radiating neck pain can also cause elbow pain, even if the neck doesn’t hurt.  Elbow pain is usually due to prolonged irritation over and over for a long period of time, like repeatedly sitting with poor posture hunched over a desk.  To help prevent elbow pain, make sure to incorporate gentle stretching and postural awareness into your daily regimen.  To improve postural awareness, do chest stretches, external rotation, and shoulder retractions.

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