Beta Alanine

What is Beta-alanine and where is it found?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid which can be made by the body. It is converted into carnosine in the body, which acts as an acid buffer by controlling the pH in cells. A high pH/acid accumulation in cells contributes to fatigue. Carnosine is also an anti-oxidant and anti-aging compound. Decreasing fatigue may contribute to increasing physical performance and exercise capacity.

What are the benefits?

Beta-alanine may improve athletic performance and build lean muscle mass, particularly during weight training and high-intensity exercise because it slows muscle fatigue.  It also may help improve performance and delay muscle fatigue of older adults and therefore decrease injury. Some studies show that beta-alanine may enhance the benefits of creatine combining the two supplements together may increase lean body mass and decrease body fat.

Are there interactions with food, medications or herbal supplement?


Are there side effects?

Side effects are rare, but the most common side effect is parathesia, include flushing and tingling like pins and needles.

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