7 Benefits of Pairing Yoga with CBS

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Cannabis is a complex herb having over 100 different cannabinoids and terpenes all acting and reacting differently in our system. Marijuana has long been a part of traditional healing. Out of many compounds, CBD has interested many medical scientists and practitioners off lately. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in cannabis, CBD shows no psychoactive effects. So people are more open to using it for its therapeutic properties.


Glorified as one of all solutions to many health problems, people want to explore more about its uses and benefits. Various alternative medications and therapy fields are also fascinated by the effectiveness of this herb. When combined with yoga, it can lead to manifold benefits.

1.   It can help you relax

Our endocannabinoid system has CBD receptors that bind with the cannabinoids in CBD and help regulate nervous system activity such as managing mood and reducing stress. It also helps regulate GABA, the neurotransmitters in our system that can help control brain excitability. Thus one can easily relax into breathing exercises during their practice.

2.   It helps you to sustain poses and postures

Some of the yoga poses require a lot of flexibility that can be difficult to maintain. In some instances, you may have to sit in a posture for a long duration of time. Frequently, you may notice pain, inflammation, and stiffness in your muscles. CBD oil shows anti-inflammatory properties and can come useful in managing pain. The topical application of CBD oil can lead to its absorption through the skin pores and bind with the receptors around it, thus reducing pain. You can topically use CBD oil in an affected area to relieve strained muscle instantly.

3.   Enhanced Physical Sensation and mindfulness

Our brain is responsible for our cognitive abilities, body function, and memories. Also, many thought processes keep the brain overtly active, avoiding it to relax or concentrate. CBD can calm your brain and help reduce those consistent brain chattering. This also means one can be mindful and also make a good muscle mind connection. To ensure high-quality CBD products, make sure you buy from reputed marijuana Canada retailers only.



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4.   Improved sleep cycles

Sleeplessness disturbs the natural rhythm of our bodies. While yoga can help us align our energies better, certain disciplinary changes in our lifestyle can give us a hard time initially. A perturbed night sleep can hinder your practice the next day. A meditator might fall asleep during relaxation exercises and again find difficulty to catch sleep at designated hours. This cycle can continue unless you balance your sleeping rhythm and cycles. CBD oil can help you sleep better and can help in curing typical conditions like insomnia. It restores your sleep cycle so that you wake up active, all set to kick your routine efficiently.

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5.   It can help improve your digestion

Yoga practices are often accompanied by simple eating habits, for the basic reason that any digestive issues can make you uncomfortable and break the flow of your practice. CBD can help steer clear many of your digestive issues such as pain, inflammation, and bloatedness. It can also help in better absorption of the better absorption of nutrients from the food by eliminating any soreness in the digestive tract.

6.   It can help you deal with past trauma

Our past experiences and stress imprints remain in our memories. Yoga and breathing exercises are relaxing and sometimes they lead to the release of stored emotions. Sometimes, these emotions can be difficult to deal with, especially in people with a history of PTSD. With the help of CBD and continued practice, one can gradually learn to liberate the pent up stress and memories.


7.   It can help you stay happy and balanced

A time comes in your yoga therapy when everything sails smoothly. Your body is flexible enough to sustain poses, and you may feel at ease with various asanas. Your mind works in perfect conjugation with breathing exercises, and there is orderliness in your session. Introducing mindfulness and positive imagery can boost your happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, and you want that feeling to sustain. Though CBD cannot replicate these hormones in your body, it can help your brain to absorb them better. So, when you pair CBD with your yoga practice, you know your body can create as well as absorb dopamine better. Thus one can experience a happy, balanced feeling throughout the day.

      The bottom line.

CBD can enhance your yoga in many ways. It can soothe your mind and body to help you get better results. There are several methods to inculcate CBD in your routine. One can take it in the form of a sublingual tincture or cook with the CBD oil. Also, vaping is one of the quickest ways to get CBD in your system. However, The time and the dosage of CBD might vary hugely from one person to another. So, you may administer it under the guidance of the expert.


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